Advertising Network

  1. TBC Media

    TBC Media offers a variety of products, from print to mobile.
    To find the right solution for your business, try our Media Planner.
    Use the 'Buy Now' option and save 10%.

  2. is the local online source
    for community news, local news, and classifieds.

  3. Tehachapi News

    The printed edition of Tehachapi News is read by
    39% of the adults living in Tehachapi.

    Scarborough Research 2013 R2
  4. Kern Business Journal

    Kern Business Journal is a bi-monthly publication that has 7,500 magazines directly mailed to Kern County business professionals.

    Scarborough Research 2013 R2
  5. Homes Homes is Kern County's
    largest source of home listings.

  6. B Well Magazine

    Bakersfield Wellness Magazine focuses on health and wellness
    issues and reaches over 45,000 consumers in Bakersfield
    and nearby communities.

    Scarborough Research 2013 R2
  7. First Look

    First Look is a live simulcast that runs
    7AM-10AM weekdays on

  8. Bakersfield Voice

    Bakersfield Voice is a "total market coverage" product
    delivered to over 157,000 homes in greater Bakersfield.

    Scarborough Research 2013 R2
  9. Marketplace Marketplace has over 286,000 page views
    with an average time spent per visit of over 4 minutes.

    Google Analytics January 2014
  10. Bakersfield Life Magazine

    Bakersfield Life Magazine reaches over 58,000 consumers
    in Bakersfield and 10,000 in nearby communities.

    Scarborough Research 2013 R2
  11. is Kern County's most popular website
    with over 3.7 million page views per month.

    Google Analytics January 2014
  12. The Bakersfield Californian

    The Bakersfield Californian daily newspaper reaches
    over 104,000 consumers in Bakersfield and over
    24,000 in nearby communities.

    Scarborough Research 2013 R2

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