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  1. TBC Media

    TBC Media offers a variety of products, from print to mobile.
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  2. The Bakersfield Californian

    The Bakersfield Californian is an independent, family-owned newspaper. It is the direct descendent of Kern County's first newspaper, The Weekly Courier, which was first published Aug. 18, 1866, in Havilah, Calif.

  3. is Kern County's most popular website
    with over 500,000 unique visitors per month.

    Google Analytics December 2015
  4. First Look

    First Look is a live simulcast that runs
    6AM-10AM weekdays on

  5. Bakersfield Voice

    Bakersfield Voice is a "total market coverage" product
    delivered to over 161,000 homes in greater Bakersfield.

    TBC Media - Circulation Dept. November 2015
  6. Kern Business Journal

    Kern Business Journal is a bi-monthly publication that has 7,500 magazines directly mailed to Kern County business professionals.

    TBC Media - Circulation Dept. April 2015
  7. is the local online source
    for community news, local news, and classifieds.


The Bakersfield Californian is a daily newspaper that focuses on local, entertainment, business and community news; and classifieds.

Online is more than the online home of The Bakersfield Californian - we're Kern County's most popular website and the leader for local news, sports and entertainment. We also have a network of niche sites from classifieds to community.

Live Video, in partnership with American General Media produces First Look, a live streaming video show that runs from 6 to 10 a.m. weekdays. also produces BVarsity, RoadRunner Rundown, Condors Unleashed, Bako Motorsports Power Hour and more.

Digital Agency

Let B Local Digital help you with the development and management of your online marketing needs. We offer Social Media Services, Reputation Management, Blog, Email Marketing and more.


Learn more about Bakersfield Life, our premier monthly magazine focuses on our community and living in Kern County.


The Senior Directory and Healthcare Guide publishes in July and includes topics on caregiving support, senior activities, insurance, nutrition and more.


The Bakersfield Californian holds between 2 and 4 community events each year from health fairs to cooking shows. Each event provides special sponsorship opportunities to showcase your services and products.

TBC Mobile

TBC Mobile is The Bakersfield Californian's mobile app for local, breaking news, sports and traffic and more for a mobile device. Mobile apps are available for iPhone/iPod Touch and Andriod.


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